You have made the decision to head east with your brothers with whom you have been through so much. You move away from the Sword Coast, from the sprawl and filth of mighty and corrupt Waterdeep, from the evil machinations of the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan and from other “problems” in Neverwinter.

After a brief stay in the Calling Horns, a fine and famous Inn perfectly situated where the Evermoor Way meets Jundar’s Pass you head into the wilds of the Silver Marches for greater fortunes and grand adventures! You will follow the river Dessarin along Dead Horse Path, a section of the Evermoor Way, until your reach your first goal, Noanar’s Hold.

It is well over 100 miles from the Calling Horns Inn to this small hamlet, a place where you will find Ghille Cever, proprietor of the White Hart Inn. Ghille (pronounced " hilly") is an old friend and loremaster. She will set you on the path to great adventures in the Marches. The trip is perilous but traveling as you are, with children of the forest amongst you and by staying to the pass, you should avoid the eyes of temperamental wood elves and humorless rangers that watch over the area. All you need concern yourself with are the endless monsters that make their way from the High Forest and the evil Evermoors seeking whatever monsters seek, be it food, riches or sport.

But as of right now the Sun is on high, the air is cool and crisp and the wineskins are full of the best drink that gold coin can buy; you have your friends and the promise of great and goodly deeds to come and sharp blades to guarantee victory…what more could a son of the Forgotten Realms ask for?

Silver Marches Adventures

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